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How Living Sustainably Made Me Happier

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Everyone looks for ways to make positive changes to live a happier and healthier life. A positive change that I made to increase my happiness and greatly benefit the environment is choosing to live a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable living consists of moderating natural resource usage to reduce the strain put on the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions and waste have two of the most damaging effects. I altered my daily activities such as commuting, disposing of waste, and buying everyday materials in order to achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

One of the most damaging effects on the environment is caused by the carbon emissions released from vehicular traffic. According to EPA, over a quarter of US greenhouse gas emissions are sourced from transportation. A great way that I combat this detrimental effect is to walk or ride a bike to nearby locations. On top of that, exercise releases endorphins which can gives me a natural happiness boost, and leads to greater physical and mental health. By opting to walk or bike instead of polluting the atmosphere, the Earth and I are both happier and healthier.

Another easy, everyday solution to vehicular pollution is to car pool. Car-pooling is a fun, effective way to have a positive impact on the environment. Almost two thirds of the pollution from transportation is produced by light passenger vehicles. Carpooling reduces carbon emissions and promotes positive interpersonal relations. By riding with my friends, it made my commute more enjoyable because I was building meaningful relationships. While riding with another person, I was able to promote sustainability to my friends. This allowed my individual sustainable effort to turn into a collective effort which had a larger environmental impact. Car-pooling also allows riders to take the HOV lane, allowing the journey to be shorter. Less time in traffic lead to a happier me and a happier Earth!

Minimalism, the idea of living efficiently and implementing a zero waste theorem, was another great way for me to reduce my carbon footprint while boosting happiness creatively. Minimalism did not mean that I lived in an empty room without things, but rather the things I owned were used to their maximum potential. Even items that are normally discarded can be repurposed! I realized that glass bottles can be decorated and turned into plant vases, old tableware can be transformed into a bird-feeder, and anything can be turned into an art project. Turning waste into a craft hobby project boosts creativity, which increases happiness for you and the Earth. Minimalism also requires mindfulness when buying a particular item or brand. I thoroughly evaluated whether I needed the item and if the company’s values align with my sustainability ideals.

That is why it is important for me to use Emerald Brand for all home and office needs. Emerald Brand uses high quality eco-friendly material to reduce harm to the environment. Emerald Brand supplies products that are used in day to day life, but these products do not harm the Earth. Using Earth friendly products makes me feel better about buying them and has increased my well-being. Living a sustainable lifestyle is one rooted in positivity. Having love and care for the Earth led to positivity in all aspects of my life. With the environment in more danger than it has ever been, I could not afford to not switch to a more sustainable lifestyle and neither can you! The aforementioned modifications led me to live a happier, more sustainable lifestyle, and they can help anyone who is seeking to make a positive change in their life. 

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