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The Most Wonderful Time of an Online Shopper's Year

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It’s that time of the year again! Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I visit dozens of stores and e-commerce sites to get holiday gifts for my friends, family, loved ones, and even a little something for myself! However the more busy my life gets, the more I gravitate towards online shopping. In my opinion, why travel to a store and wait on long lines to buy gifts, when I can buy it from the comfort of my own couch?

As a consumer, there are two things that are most important to me when purchasing something online; the overall shipping process and the appearance of my package.

I’ve had great experiences and terrible experiences when it comes to shipping and the process of receiving online orders. Whether it’s not receiving my order confirmation or tracking information, or not receiving my order in a timely manner, shipping can make or break a consumer’s perception of a company or e-commerce site. I am willing to pay extra for shipping because I believe having something delivered to me is a commodity. However, if my shipping experience is unpleasant and frustrating, I will most likely not buy from that e-tailer again.

I firmly believe in the saying “Your first impression is the last impression.” Once I receive my online order, the first thing that catches my eye is the packaging. I believe people underestimate the importance of packaging to a consumer. When I receive a package, if it does not look appealing or the packaging is of poor quality, I am immediately turned off. More and more retailers are recognizing the importance of packaging and how it affects their brand image. I believe packaging should correspond with the company’s branding. For example, if your company’s image is about standing out and being unique, then your packaging should look creative and unique. These are things that consumers, especially millennial consumers, notice and appreciate.

As an online shopper and someone who works for a company that makes sustainable products, I am always thinking about what my company can do to make consumers satisfied. Emerald Brand does a majority of their sales online through Emeraldbrand.com, Amazon.com, Jet.com, Shoplet.com, and Maxdelivery.com. It’s so important that regardless of where our online customers are shopping from, they receive our eco-friendly disposables in a timely manner and are greeted with high quality packaging that aligns with Emerald Brand’s image!

At Emerald, we are continuously finding ways to innovate and revolutionize the way our products and packaging are made. That is why we are rolling out our Tree-Free, Made in the U.S.A. packaging in 2017. I am looking forward to seeing our customers’ response to our new and improved packaging next year!

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